Usability testing at

At, we’re big fans of iteration and experimentation. Every Tuesday we release a new version of our platform - seamlessly introducing new features, updates and fixes on a weekly basis.

While rapid iteration is wonderful, at times we also slow down and make more deliberate decisions about larger features. When this happens, we make rapid prototypes and test them in front of real people. Most of these tests are fairly informal, but occasionally we run full-blown user testing where we recruit and bring in potential users to walk through the app and give us feedback.

What happens in usability?

We want to make it clear right away that we test the product, not you. You can't do anything wrong, so you don't have to worry about making mistakes. We want to hear exactly what you think, so if you think something is bad we ask that you tell us. Our goal is to improve the product, so your honesty counts.

As you progress through scenarios, we ask you to think out loud and to tell us what's going through your mind - this helps us immensely. If you have questions, you can ask. We may not be able to answer them right away as we're interested in how people do when they don't have someone sitting next to them, but we will try to answer any questions you still have when we're done.

We try to take up as little time as possible, but we'll also try to make sure that it's fun too!

What are we testing now?

We’re soon to release some powerful new segmentation tools. They will allow you to schedule campaigns and organise your database according to subscriber location, engagement and data. These tools are due to be released in the platform early April, then released to the PMAPI soon after.

How can you get involved?

This is your opportunity to assist in building exciting new features in a rapidly evolving SaaS application. We’re a friendly team and we promise you won’t be on trial!

Lynton house

Most of our usability is conducted at our Woking office (Surrey). We’ll supply snacks and refreshment; all we ask for is 30-45 minutes of your time. Our dates are listed below, so please complete the adjacent form and we’ll get back to you!

  • Lynton House day 1: Wednesday 26th March
  • Lynton House day 2: Friday 28th March


Why not give your team an early glimpse into new, exciting technology and talk to the engineering team that developed it? We relish the opportunity engage in off-site usability, so simply contact or tweet at us if you are interested and we’ll be in touch next time around!

Equipment will be provided by our own engineers. All we require is:

  • A private space with enough room to comfortably house 1 desk, 1 candidate and 2 engineers (sitting).
  • 2-5 willing candidates.
  • Approx. 30 minutes of each candidate’s time. If an additional 15 minutes can be spared per candidate, we would love to involve them in our next project.

We do our best to keep our experiments stable, but if one of our creations escapes and terrorises the villagers, please don't break out the pitchforks; just let us know.

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