Dynamic content sandbox

Welcome to the sandbox test environment for our dynamic content tools. Dynamic content allows you to automatically customise emails for each recipient based on rules you set. Using this tool you can enter your own dynamic content code and see the resulting campaign output for different recipients so that you can experiment with different options.

Just enter some profile data and your email code and we'll show you what would be received based on the rules set up for this campaign.

To use this tool you'll need to have read our dynamic content guide and created your HTML code containing your dynamic content tags.

1 - Select the type of data to use:

2 - Enter profile data to use:

2 - Enter custom data field names and data to use:

3 - Enter your message code here:

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This tool is still in the testing phase, please help us out and report a bug.

We do our best to keep our experiments stable, but if one of our creations escapes and terrorises the villagers, please don't break out the pitchforks; just let us know.

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