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Welcome to the lab, where you'll find a few tools we've put together to help you improve your online marketing. Grab a lab coat and some safety goggles and let's get started!

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Fix your HTML with Mally

Our friendly resident robot, Mally, will help tidy up your HTML code so your emails look great in different email clients. He'll look at your code, find any bits that may cause problems and do his best to fix it. He'll even inline your CSS if you like!

Dynamic content sandbox

Dynamic content allows you to change the content of your email campaign depending on the preferences of the subscriber receiving it. Use our sandbox to test how your email will look for different recipients.

Usability testing

At, we’re big fans of iteration and experimentation. While rapid iteration is wonderful, at times we also slow down and make more deliberate decisions about larger features. When this happens, we make rapid prototypes and test them in front of real people. This is your opportunity to assist in building exciting new features in a rapidly evolving online application!

We do our best to keep our experiments stable, but if one of our creations escapes and terrorises the villagers, please don't break out the pitchforks; just let us know.

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